Japanese Idioms to Live By [#1]


A year or two ago, I found an old post on Tofugu about a specific type of Japanese idioms called Yojijukugo (四字熟語). These idioms contain only four characters and probably relate to a story. I think it would be interesting to go through one of these idioms at a time, analyze it a little bit, and see how it relates.

Until then! ありがとう。 また後で!

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The Japanese Writing Systems


Since this a collection of all of my Japanese language and culture knowledge, I thought I should probably start with the writing systems in order for those who don’t know how to read Japanese can gain a bit more understanding for when start posting writing practice. I will try to go over each writing system briefly in this post and go into more detail in separate posts shortly.


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Word Lists


A few days ago, my sister sent me a link to a post on Tumblr called “625 words to know in your target language.” I found it interesting and decided to use it for this blog as one way to group up words that are required knowledge to get by with Japanese. Therefore, I am going to try and make a post about each of these lists for Japanese. I’m not sure if all of them will apply but I will address those when I get to that list. If there are some words that you can think of that can either apply to one of these lists or if you have an idea for a new list, please let me.

I have included a link to my source for this list at the bottom of the page.


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