Japanese Idioms to Live By [#1]


A year or two ago, I found an old post on Tofugu about a specific type of Japanese idioms called Yojijukugo (四字熟語). These idioms contain only four characters and probably relate to a story. I think it would be interesting to go through one of these idioms at a time, analyze it a little bit, and see how it relates.

Until then! ありがとう。 また後で!

一石二鳥いっせきにちょう ・“Killing two birds with one stone”

Romanization (ローマ字): isseki nichou

The Kanji used:

一 「いち」(ichi) one
石 「いし」(ishi) stone
二 「に」(ni) two
鳥 「とり」(tori) bird

Literal Translation: “One stone, two birds.”

The first one is simple, very literal in context. I listed above the general reading for the kanji if they were written individually. The groupings of kanji effect how they are read.

I like to think it applies to what I’m doing with this blog: gathering my knowledge and sharing that knowledge in a semi-creative way.

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